Lorez Alexandria

Lorez Alexandria is a solid singer, who can interpret lyrics well, adds a soulful feel to each song and improvises with ease. She was a huge attraction over many decades. Alexandria sang gospel music in churches with her family in the middle of the 1940s. She also worked in Chicago nightclubs during the 1950s. Alexandria was a household name outside her hometown after she released several King albums between 1957 and 1959. She lived and worked in Los Angeles by the early 1960s. Her earlier sessions for King were for Argo, Impulse and her later albums for Discovery and Muse. Alexandria was able to survive the many musical changes and can still be heard well into her retirement in the mid-’90s despite being off the record for a long time (only a few recordings were made during the 1965-1976 period). Alexandria had a stroke shortly after her retirement and her health declined. She died in May 2001.

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