Lori Bell

Lori Bell, a Brooklyn native, is a flutist/composer of exceptional depth and wide musical sympathies. She is a San Diego resident and has helped to raise the standards of performance. She has also been praised by peers and critics for both her stage and recording performances. Lori is the daughter of a musical family. Her father was a NYC big band trumpet player for more than 30 years. Lori’s mother played the accordion and had a great ear to both classical and jazz music. Lori was awarded a Global Music Award in December 2011, the Award of Excellence, for her deep playing, composition and arrangement for “Lori Bell”, the CD (Beezwax Records). Lori was awarded the Gold Medal Award by the Global Music Award in April 2014 for her composition “Une Chanson Pour Claude”, which is included on the CD “Night Soliloquy”. In March 2016, the GMA’s awarded Lori a third Outstanding Achievement award for her 9th studio album “Brooklyn Dreaming”, for both composition and album. Her most recent release, “Brooklyn Dreaming”, is a tribute CD to her birthplace and family. Bell is a prodigious player of the alto and C flutes, but her pen may be more powerful than her sword. All of her Originals show a broad harmonic palette, sophisticated rhythmic sensibility, refined dynamics and an urge to swing. Bill Milkowski – Downbeat March 2016 Lori has been a part of many exemplary ensembles, including at SOKA Performing Arts Center and Wadsworth Theater UCLA. She also performed recently on a project that included jazz arrangements and classical compositions to be published in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Music Library. Lori was Artist In Residence at La Jolla Community Center in 2013 and 2014. She produced, composed, and arranged music for Fourth Friday Jazz Series concerts. Lori has also performed at The Blue Note (NYC), Smoke (NYC), Jazz Bakery, Catalina’s and Vitello’s (LA), Jazz Bakery (LA), Jazz Bakery(LA), Jazz Bakery (LA), The Vic (LA), Anthology(SD), Elario’s (19SD), Dizzy’s (20SD), Croce’s (18SD), Jazz Summit 2 (LA), Gene Harris jazz festival [ID], Nome Music festival (“Alaska”), Jazz festival (WI), Tour of Asia-Singapore), Jazz festival (WI), Jazz festival (Alaska), Jazz festival” (Alaska), Jazz festival” (Alaska), Jazz festival (“Ja”), tour of Asia-Singapore), Asia-Singapore), tour to Asia-Singapore

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