Louis De Mieulle

Louis de Mieulle, a bassist/composer, was born in Paris, France. He started playing the cello at age 7. He switched to the bass guitar after graduating from the National Conservatory of Paris in classical writing and the American School of Jazz. After that, he moved to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music. He graduated in just two years. He was a pioneer in jazz-groove music, SOUNDCHASER. However, he also took part in mainstream projects, from classic rock to hip hop. He won a 2006 composition contest with “Tres Para Una”, a comic opera he co-wrote with Augustin D’Assignies, and Edward Greaves. Louis also teaches music theory and bass for many years. His first solo album, “DEFENSE METHANISMS”, was released in November 2011. It was recorded in New York City by Matt Garstka (drums), and Casimir Liberski(piano). It combines the experimental and accessible in an unconventional way. Each track has its own unique character, form, texture, and style. It has catchy melodies mixed with complex polyrhythms. There are moments of pure joy as well as dark dissonant passages. Louis was the bass player and singer in Lulu Gainsbourg’s first tour band. Lulu, the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg’s french pop icon, was highly anticipated. In March 2012, the band toured Japan, where they played several gigs at Billboard Live in Osaka, Tokyo, and Tokyo. Louis will be playing a series of highly regarded gigs in Paris and Belgium to promote his album. Louis is also a founding member of Soul’d Out and Kesiena as well as Andrew Eckel, the Undertones and Camille Corazon’s group. bio from www.louisdemieulle.com

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