Luca Nostro

LUCA NOSTRO (jazz guitarist, composer), was born in Rome, June 11, 1971. He is currently a member of the Faculty of Philosophy at La Sapienza University and holds a degree from LUISS University, Rome. He lives in Rome, New York. Luca’s love for music began at age ten when he studied piano and played with a youth orchestra led by one of the directors from “Sistine Chapel Choir”. Later, he switches to electric and classical guitar. Luca receives a diploma in jazz from the University of Music, Rome in 1998. Among others, he studied with Fabio Zeppetella (Kenny Wheelher and Tom Harrell), as well as Peter Bernstein. Luca has played with many different groups as a leader or sideman, including jazz, pop, bossa nova, soul nd rhythm’n’blues, and more. He has played with Donny McCaslin and Sandro Deidda as well as Francois Moutin and Francesco Puglisi. In 2002, Luca was the editor of L’esperienza muzicale (a book on philosophy of music). Per una fenomenologia dei suoni. Collana i Libri di Montag (Manifestolibri 2002), features philosophers as well as musicians like Philip Tagg and Lawrence “Butch” Morris, Laird Adis, and Nicholas Cook. He is a composer who often collaborates with visual artists and actors such as MinoTrafeli, Ilir Zifi, Stefano Tonelli, Luigi Mezzanotte, and Carlo Ragone to transform their visual art into music. Luca recorded the album “Ulrich” in 2006 with the “Luca Nostro NYC Unser Quartet”. It features 8 original compositions by Donny McCaslin (tenor Sax), Francois Moutin on bass, and Dan Weiss on drums. Sandy Muller, a Sony recording artist, is his current live performance. From

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