Lucas Niggli

Lucas Niggli was conceived in West Kamerun in 1968 in a thunderbolt. Before he moved to Switzerland, he lived there. He now lives in Uster, with his three children, Gaudenz, Emilia, and Felix, and Annette Meier, his partner. He was very fondly influenced by music, particularly percussion instruments, from a young age. He was a member of the new experimental New Jazz group Kieloor Entartet» between 1987 and 1995. The group released three CDs and conquered numerous stages in different countries. They also formed an orchestra (ENAO91») and were connected to other musicians and composers. Lucas Niggli was appointed to manage the alternative Swiss label UNIT Records» from 1998. He also served as president of the Swiss Professional Association of Jazz and Improvisation Musicians (SMS) and a long-serving member of WIM (werkstatt für improvisierte Musik Zurich). He founded the avant-core group Steamboat Switzerland in 1995 with Marino Pliakas and Dominik Blum. The group’s hard work and dedication can be seen in more than 150 performances, 4 CDs and 2 vinyl records. Nils Wogram and Philipp Schaufelberger founded Lucas Niggli’s Zoom in 1999. They performed at many of Europe’s major festivals (Moers Saalfelden Saalfelden Willisau Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans, Willisau, Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans, Saalfelden, Willisau) and also recorded a first CD in 2001. A second CD was released in 2003. The trio’s extension, Lucas Niggli founded Big Zoom». A quintet featuring Claudio Puntin, Peter Herbert, and two albums (Big Ball, Sweat). He has been a regular member of the Piano Trio, along with Jacques Demierre (1996) and Barry Guy (2002, 2007). Lucas Niggli, Pierre Favre’s partner since 1994, has been a part of a number of bands. These include Singing Drums» and European Chamber Ensemble». He also performs with a duo. Duo Black Lotos, a group that consists of chinese Guzheng player Xu Fengxia and Lucas Niggli, is also a lasting working band. The Trio Biondini-Godard-Niggli has been touring extensively in Europe since 2011, with Michel Godard and Luciano Biondini. Intakt Records also produced two CDs. Regularly, since 2013, also in Projects with Fritz Hauser and P.C.Zumthor as well as in a Duo featuring Andreas Schaererer, a Swiss singer. Lucas Niggli from Other World was always musically involved. He played on stages across Europe with various musicians and performed in Russia, America, Egypt, Canada, Southafria and China, Taiwan, and other countries. He was a featured performer at major Jazz festivals such as Vancouver, Berlin, Saalfelden and Willisau, Rome and Nurnberg, Capetown Le Mans, Munster, Zurich, Berlin, Berlin, Moers, Saalfelden and Willisau. And New Music Festivals like Huddersfield (UK), Donaueschingen ( D) , Ultima (N), MaerzMusik (D). He is constantly being drawn into the music industry. He will not perform a piece by David Dramm or Michael Werthmuller. Lucas Niggli was able to collaborate with musicians from all walks of the music industry through his bands and projects. Barry Guy, Pierre Favre and Butch Morris, Fred Frith, Hans Koch and Peter Waters are just a few of the many people who have worked with Lucas Niggli in his bands and projects.

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