Lucien Dubuis

Lucien Dubuis, a non-conformist multi-reedist, was born in Porrentruy in Switzerland in 1974. He has more than a dozen albums and is an active musician in jazz and improvised music for many years. He has performed at major festivals in Montreux and Copenhagen as well as Willisau and Geneva. His 2007 album “Le Retour”, which he recorded with his punk funk jazz trio, Roman Nowka and Lionel Friedli was called “the best sounding CD” (All About Jazz), and “infernal fun” by Jazz Thing. The music of the trio is a roaring roar of life. It’s simple, heart-wrenching and humorous, as well as violent. It is both modern and primitive at the same time, yet it manages to be concept-driven using a teenager language of revolution. Imagine a chromosomic mix of John Coltrane genes with the DNA from the Beastie Boys. Bjork, Albert Ayler are two of Dubuis’ favourite musicians.

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