Luis Muñoz

Luis Munoz was born in San Jose (Costa Rica), and is a composer, arranger/producer, and percussionist. Luis was enrolled at the University of Costa Rica in 1972. He also studied Music and Architecture at the National Music Conservatory. Under the guidance of Peter Fricker, a renowned British composer, Luis earned his music composition degree at the University of California Santa Barbara in 1974. Luis Munoz has composed music for documentaries and animation films as well as dance and theater. He has also performed at some of the most prestigious Jazz festivals and venues around the globe. He signed with CBS Records in 1988 and recorded “LA VERDAD”. In 1996, Fahrenheit Records “THE FRUIT OF EDEN”, marked Munoz’s U. S. recording debut. Munoz’s 1998 release of “COMPASSION” continued his evolution as an innovator in instrumental music. Munoz’s 2004 release of “VIDA” received worldwide acclaim: “A truly monumental work” by Americas Magazine,, DownBeat magazine,, “Best Latin Jazz CD” by and “A Masterpiece” from Mark Holston /Hispanic Magazine. “One of 10 best recordings of all time” by Latin Jazz Network. 2006 was the year Mr. Munoz received an ACAM award for Jazz composer/producer of The Year in Costa Rica. Mr. Munoz’s 2007 album “Of Soul and Shadow” explores his Central American roots using the idioms and music of jazz, classical music and folklore from Costa Rica. Over 25 musicians contributed to “Of Soul and Shadow”, including Adolfo Alfo (Tower of Power) on trumpet, Ron Kalina (chromatic harmonica player), Ira Nepus (Diana Krall) trombone player and Dave Binney (alto sax), a New York sensation. Luis Munoz’s 2010 album “Invisible” received the praise of music media around the world (Top 10 Jazz CDs in the Year by Luis is a TED speaker and receives his second ACAM award from the Costa Rican Association of Musical Authors and Composers for “Jazz Composer of the year”. Luis Munoz, a Brazilian singer and songwriter, released a new album entitled “LUZ” on January 15, 2013. The world media has once again supported the project with their full support (Top 5 CDs in the Year by Felix Contreras at NPR). W Royal Stokes, National Jazz Journalists Association and Mike West, JazzTimes Magazine named “Best Latin CD” of the Year. The 8th Annual Jazz Critics Poll named the top 25 Latin Jazz CDs. Luis was nominated for an ACAM award for “LUZ” for the third consecutive year. Luis has seen many changes in 2014. One of these was the formation of two new ensembles, a trio featuring Daniel Zimmerman on guitars, and Brendan Statom, on acoustic basse, and a quartet with Jonathan Dane as the trumpeter. With these two groups, plus Lois Mahalia, the Guyanese superstar, was a new record completed. Luis also worked with Magos Herrera, Claudia Acuna and Teka Penteriche on an “all vocals CD”, which was released in September 2015. The CD entitled “VOZ” features four amazing Latin American artists as co-writers of lyrics. They are Jaime Gamboa of Malpais in Costa Rica, Romulo Castro from Panama, Osvaldo Sauma (winner of the 2013 National Poetry Award) and Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy, a Nicaraguan singer/songwriter. Munoz’s latest project was received with open arms by international media: “A stunning piece of music!” . This masterpiece is a work of art! CLAUDIA ACUNA, TEKA and MAGOS HERRERA shine brightly. The International Review of Music, Devon Wendell! “Multi-talented Luis Munoz has turned his production skills into a sublime direction for Voz” AllAboutJazz. It is a wonderful album with vocal performances that will make you gasp. !!!!!! is one of my favorite vocal albums. 5 STARS (*****) Latin Jazz Network. Luis Munoz was named one of NPR’s Alt.Latino’s “12 Favorite Acts of the Year” in December 2015. Munoz and his New Quintet with Teka will tour in 2016 in support of “VOZ”. Munoz will release “The Dead Man” in 2017, a new CD that he recorded live with his trio/quartet. It was inspired by a short story by Horacio Quiroga, Uruguayan author. Luis Munoz, a music visionary and one of today’s most talented, sensitive and melodic Jazz composers, is Luis Munoz. From

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