Lyn Stanley

Lyn Stanley was discovered in 2010 by Paul Smith, a world-class jazz pianist and legend. She began singing with Paul Smith and his trio four months after she first met him. Lyn was born in Tacoma Washington. This is the same town where Janis Paige and Diane Schuur were born. Lyn listened attentively to her dad play piano by ear, in the Erroll Garner style. A grandfather was an opera singer, and her uncle sang tenor roles with Long Beach’s local theater groups. Lyn Stanley came into the singing industry through a side door: ballroom dancing. In 2004, she began to dance. She quickly learned the International Standard style of ballroom dancing and became a Pro/AM champion. She was also 3rd at a World Title event in the same style that she won in 2010. Her dance background makes her rhythmic, making her singing style stand out. Lyn received an invitation to Yale University’s international Cabaret training program after her stage debut with Paul Smith. Lyn was able to learn how to create a one-woman show from some of the most talented performers in the industry, including Julie Wilson, Tovah Fieldshuh, Sally Mayes and Alex Rybeck. Her first show, “Makin’ Whoopee”, was well received by critics and audiences alike. This led to a request for an album by her fans. Her idea to combine jazz and ballroom dancing rhythms in her debut album, “Lost In Romance”, was the inspiration for her debut album. Jazz was first heard in dance halls, and then it evolved into the instrumental solos that we know today. Lost in Romance features 13 of Los Angeles’ best jazz musicians performing as soloists and trios. The album tells the story of love’s trials and triumphs, joys, and disappointments. It is best enjoyed when it is sung in song order. There are many traditional Great American Songbook songs, as well as blues and Broadway tunes. “Losing My Mind”, for example, is performed in jazz arrangements from a dancer’s perspective. Tamir Hendelman and Steve Rawlins created the album’s stellar arrangements and musicians. All three of them have worked with some great artists like Bette Midler, Nancy Wilson, and Barbra Streisand. Paul Smith heard Lost In Romance just before his death, on June 29, 2013. Lyn Smith was Lyn’s mentor and he said he was pleased with the album, and gave it an “A” rating. Those who know Paul will tell you that his praises were few and his expectations high of every singer and musician he met. Lyn was the last person he spoke to before his death. He confided in Lyn that he hoped to see her for her 10th album and that he believed other people would enjoy her work as much. from

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