Makar Kashitsyn

Vincent Herring, a veteran alto saxophone player and virtuoso Vincent Herring invited Kashitsyn to perform on two selections. Herring encouraged Kashitsyn, who was playing on two selections, to enroll at Manhattan School of Music. Herring is a teacher there. He advised Kashitsyn to enroll at Manhattan School of Music as a freshman in the 2017-18 academic school year. After one academic term at MSM, Kashitsyn was ready to enter the International Festival Competition of Saxophonists. He won first prize. He played some of his songs with a French alto saxophonist, who was then playing in Russia with Mashin. Mashin sent Kashitsyn an encouraging note and they kept in touch. Kashitsyn was also planning a tour together with Lefkowitz Brownn, who had previously taught Kashitsyn privately in New York. Mashin encouraged Kashitsyn to record Jazz Animals. from

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