Marc Ayza

Marc Ayza was born in Barcelona and has been performing on the Spanish stage for over a decade. He has collaborated with Perico Sameato, Raynal Colomo and Victor de Diego bands, as well as foreign coryphees like Antonio Hart, Mulgrew Miller, Sheila Jordan. Steve Kuhn, Seamus Blake, etc. The drummer currently leads Beat’a’Boom with DJ Helios, and BluRum 13. Marc Ayza, one of the most active Spanish jazz drummers, founded this unconventional group in 2008 to mix jazz and hip-hop. This is Marc Ayza’s “natural habitat”, where he can show his unique rhythmic ability, musicality, and hypnotizing element. Marc’s band plays authentic and engaging music that is spontaneously jazzy, with allusions to black music icons like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, J Dilla, and John Coltrane. The group’s 2008 debut album, Offering, was a huge success. It received enthusiastic reviews from critics as well as the audience. The featured compositions are a delight with their concordance and ability to incorporate improvisational elements even from the smallest details. Live at Home this year reflects a similar spirit. Marc Ayza Group feat. Blurum 13: Marc Ayza Group feat.

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