Marcelo Dos Reis

Marcelo dos Reis, 1984, Lisbon. He is a prominent voice in the Portuguese creative music scene with performances throughout Portugal. After studying music, he chose to explore improvised and experimental music with the nylon string guitar. He had the chance to play and work alongside: Burkhard Beins; Manuel Mota; Liz Allbee; Evan Parker; Klara Dolezalkova; Carlos “Zingaro”, Toshimaru Nagamura; Andrea Neumann; Theo Ceccaldi. Werner Dafeldecker. Katia Sa. Angelica Salvi. He is a member of OPEN Field string trio, The NAP and FAIL BETTER!, PEDRA ContIDA, FRAME trio, and works in duo avec Angelica V. Salvi. Marcelo is a musician and organiser of Double Bill concerts. He also collaborates with magazine. CIPSELA was recently created by Jose Miguel Pereira. From discogs

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