Marcin Ciupidro

Marcin Cipiudro might be well-known in Poland thanks to his collaboration with Robotobibok, a cult group. It was one of the first to experiment with electronic and dance rhythms in modern jazz in Poland, and it was disbanded. Artur Majewski, the trumpeter, and Jakub Suchar (the drummer) formed Mikrokolektyw, which became one of the most prominent avant-jazz formations in Poland. Adam Pindur, a saxophonist, meanwhile, moved to mainstream when he joined the hugely successful Piotr Damasiewicz’s project. Marcin Ciupidro is one example of how all these musicians are linked to Wroclaw. His first record, “Talking Tree”, was not as well-known as his Robotobibok colleagues. However, this may change. With the help of Shoko Sakai, a Japanese marimba player, and Zbigniew Kzera, a doublebassist, Marcin Rak, Marcin Ziupidro, Marcin Zemler, Wojciech Romanowski and Marcin Rak, Marcin Ciupidro created an aural space unlike any other in Polish music. Robotobok’s music is full of complex, dance-like rhythms that are both free and not chaotic. … from

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