Marcin Nowakowski

Marcin Nowakowski was conceived on 6th December 1974. He is one the most well-known and respected Polish musicians. He is a great concert performer and sideman, as well as cooperating with WoobieDoobie Studio. Marcin is a specialist in wind instruments, including clarinet, flute, clarinet, harmonica and Electric Wind Instrument-EWI. However, he prefers the saxophone. Since his childhood, Marcin knew music was the right path for him. Marcin began his musical education at Pruszkow’s Music Primary School, beginning with piano lessons. Marcin was granted admission to the J.Elsner’s Music Academy, Warsaw, where he learned bassoon. Marcin enjoyed the classes and found them fascinating, but he had yet to fulfill his greatest dream of playing the sax. He moved to F. Chopin’s Jazz Music Academy where he was finally able to take saxophone lessons. He was able to play with the F.Chopin Big Band and H.Majewski’s Septet, which won many music competitions. Marcin was very happy with his time at the Jazz Music Academy for many reasons. He also created the band Woops! He was also able to learn from many experts such as Zbigniew Namyslowski, Mariusz Fazi Mielczarek and later, Eric Marienthal. Marcin joined the Metro band after completing the Academy. Marcin was invited to perform on Yamaha Days Festivas 1996 by Wojtek Pilichowski (a Polish top bass player). Wojtek Olszak (one of the most respected Polish producers), noticed Marcins’ talent during Natalia Kukulska’s 1997 album recording session and offered to let him play with Woobie. Marcin was made a member of the band in 1997 as a result. Marcin was honored to be able to perform in the Natalia Kukulska concert on February 2, 2002. He also got to play “Night and Day” by Cole Porter. He took part in creating movie tracks to “Zakochani” by P. Weresniak, and Janusz Zaorski’s “Bialo-Czerwono-Czarny” (a film about Emanuel Olisadebe life). Many festivals included Sopot Festival ’97, Opole Festival 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, Country Picnic 2000 and 2001. He collaborated with artists like Jeff Lorber Jr., Paul Jackson Jr. and Lenny Castro. Tony Moore, Alex Al., Chelsea Nicole. Paul Brown, Caroline Henderson. Jose Carreras. Simon Philips. Reni Jusis. Kasia Kowalska. Wojtek Pillichowski Band. Maryla Rodowicz. Funky Filon. Jan Bo. Sylwia Wisniewska. Ania Szarmach. Siedem. Whoops. Maciek.

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