Marco Von Orelli

Marco von Orelli was raised in Basel, Switzerland. He studied music at the University of Music and Theatre Winterthur Zurich, (HMT), and the University of Music Basel. There he was a trumpet and improvisation major. Jazz, New Music (Neue Musik), and free improvised musical are additional study programmes. In 1997, he went on study trips to Den Haag in the Netherlands (NL), and then two years later to Vienna (A). Marco von Orelli has been a composer since 1997. Solo concerts have been given by him (e.g. He has given Solo concerts (e.g., to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cultural magazine Programmzeitung┬╗, the Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative┬╗u003e in Bern, or Basel’s celebrations of being part of Switzerland for 500 Years in 2001. Marco von Orelli is a successful performer on stage with Kurt Weill’s street scene musical, under the direction of Werner Duggelin, Andre Bellmont and Heinz Spoerli. He also performed with other acts like the George Gruntz Workshop Big Band, or with orchestras such as the Basel sinfonietta or the Swiss Improvisers Orchestra. He plays in a variety of styles and can be seen performing at established events such as Jazzfestival Willisau, Jazz a Mulhouse-meteo (F), or music unlimited 22 (A) Marco von Orelli was a member of the 2002 swiss Circus Monti, which is Music composed by Ben Jeger. He also acted as a live musician at the Theatre Puravida from Basel, beginning in 2003. Marco von Orelli is also well-known for his collaborations and performances with artists such as Flavia Ghisalberti (“Butoh Dancer”), Daniel Ott, Jan Schlegel (Christoph Baumann), Johan van Kreij (miR Company), Tommy Meier (miR Company), Peter Scharli), Peter Scharli. Marco von Orelli is often asked to compose TV spots, Jingles, or the soundtrack for theatre plays. The artist is also a freelance musician who enjoys the same opportunities as a Session musician or live musician. He can be heard on many CD productions as well as on numerous soundtracks produced for theatres, television and movies. Recordings e.g. Recordings e.g.

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