Marcus Corbett

Marcus is a musician based between Marlborough, Oxford and Pune in India. He has toured the whole of the UK as well as the west coast of India. Marcus quietly gained a prestigious reputation for his unique mix of Indian classical music, British folk, and British folk. Marcus says, “I studied Indian Classical Music (for me) because it is an undeniably beautiful musical genre.” Marcus began to travel to India in mid-70s. He has spent decades cultivating a relationship with Tabla as well as Indian Classical Music. Corbett says, “I first traveled to India as an 18-year-old wide-eyed boy and heard a Tabla solo near the Ganga.” My world was changed. But, it was the Tabla solo by the river Ganga that really captivated me. John McLaughlin’s ‘Mahavishnu Orchestra,’ early ‘Shakti,’ was a revelation. Jerry Garcia’s soulful musicity and musicality were also a revelation. Corbett has traveled to Pune and Gadag, western India every year for the past decade to work with Nitin Gaikwad (respected Tabla player) and Sharanappa Gutteragi (respected Tabla player). Strung Deep is the latest in a series recording that resulted from these sessions. from

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