Maria Faust

Maria Faust, an Estonian composer and saxophone player, was born in Kuressaare in 1979. She now lives in Copenhagen. Faust is most well-known in the areas of third stream jazz and modern big band music. Faust is also a co-founder of Barefoot Records and a member. Maria Faust has been multiplely awarded the Danish Music Awards 2014 “Jazz Composer and Album of the year” categories. Numerous times, she has been nominated to the Estonian Music Awards. She is a leader of several of her own bands including Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe and Maria Faust Sacrum Facere. She also plays solo and is a member of smaller constellations. Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, a song cycle for brass trio and woodwind trio, prepared pianist, and canel (an Estonian folk-harp), is written. Music is a combination of Faust’s two passions (classical composition, free improvisation), and it was inspired by Estonian folklore as well as runo singing from the Setu region. Winner of Two 2014 Danish Music Awards: “Jazz Composer of the Year” and “Cross-over Album of the Year” from

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