Mariane Bitran

She was born in Paris France. At nine years old she started playing the flute. In 1980, she graduated from the Conservatory (CNR), in the Classes Regis Calle u0026 Raymond Guyot. After listening to and trying out pop/rock music, she discovered jazz in 1974 (Dolphy Coltrane, “Return to Forever”, …).). In 1981, she began her professional career in Paris. Since 1998, she has lived in Copenhagen. She divides her time between teaching, recording, and concerts. Mariane is the director of her Danish 5tet, “All One”, which includes Rasmus Ehlers and Olivier Cahours. She also co-directs the 5tet, “Grey to Blue”, with Morten Lund, Erik Olevik, Makiko Hirabayashi, and Bob Rockwell. Barthelot Ekeme Same’s dance performance, “The Butterfly”, features Palle Mikkelborg and Helen Davies as well as Ayi Solomon, Jens Axelsen, and Jens Axelsen. Pernille Bevort’s “Special Edition Ensemble” includes Jesper Lovdal and Qarin Vikstrom. She also works with Krister Palmkvist, Goran Schellein, Karsten bagge, and “Radio Bevort”, Simon Spang Hanssen. She is currently performing as a duo with Nina Bjork Eliason, an Icelandic free/experimental vocalist. Along with dancer Barthelot, Ignacio Guerra Acosta, Alain Apaloo, and Britta Thogensen Toft, she is also directing Ijexa Group, a musical theatre project. Mariane has also been a member of several major Danish bands, including the Copenhagen Art Ensemble and Bejboom/Kroner Big Band. She has also recorded her theatre composition with Pierre Dorge and Marilyn Mazur, John Ehde, Aviajah Lumholt, John Ehde, and Aviajah Lampholt, and she has recorded for theatre music with Soren Siegumfeld. Mariane was a member the following French bands: Moutin Quintet Dir. Francois and Louis Moutin, Sylvain Betuf, on tour in France. Her own 5tet, with Bojan Z, “Zoomtop Orchestra”, dir. Bertrand Renaudin, Jean-Louis Pommier and James Powell (TV/Midem, festivals u0026 clubs, theatres), the Olivier Cahours 4tet – Reims Jazz Festivals., Montlouis Jazz Fest., Oise Jazz Fest. ), with Christophe Chassol and Institut Cobra (New Morning, Sunset, Cithea “Paris Flute Orchestra”) dir. Bernard Wystaete is currently playing with the 5tet Flute Unlimited dir. Denis Barbier (festival d’Orleans, Radio France). She has been recording/working with the Big-band Lumiere dir. Laurent Cuny is the Brazilian drummer Nene. Jean Bonal and Jean-Marie Machado are Jean Bonal, Jean-Marie Machado and Daniel Mille. Xavier Desandre Navarre and Novelli are also among her collaborators.

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