Marie Fikry

Michel Preumont has called Marie Fikry, a pianist and composer, “a rising star in belgian jazz”. Her music is original, personal, and exciting. She has been called “borderless”. Her piano work focuses mainly on the interaction between European jazz and North African traditional music. She has been trained with Stephane Galland and Kris Defoor from the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel. She founded “Oriental Jazz Project”, her own quartet, and was recognised by the province as a “promising young talent” Her interest in Oriental percussions and traditional rhythms began with this project. It was a combination of many styles of Oriental percussions and jazz, but it also had the sound of a trio of piano jazz pianists. Passionate about composition, Oriental rhythms, she spent two years specializing in South Indian rhythms as well as arabic music. She signed her first album, “Proche Orience”, in 2018 at the label “Homerecords”. It was an album that included her compositions combining Jazz and traditional Arabic music. This album is a tribute to her Moroccan heritage. She offers piano solo a variety of original compositions and jazz standards, with complex narrations and intricate grooves.

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