Marijke Jährling

Marijke Jährling Vocalist and Lyricist Her voice gets under your skin: caressing in the depth at the same time rough and seductive, then shiny in the heights, delicate, girlish and with radiant clarity. In three and a half octaves Marijke Jährling paints pictures, builds sculptures of transparent beauty, tells touching stories of life. Her singing reflects her artistic career, her life, her various experiences. It leads back to the record cabinet of her father. Attentively she listened to John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Champion Jack Dupree and Janis Joplin. But also J. S. Bach, Franz Schubert and the classic voices of Callas and Kathleen Ferrier touched her deeply as a little girl and awoke an insatiable longing and an idea of the fulfillment: singing, making music. Self-taught, she came from guitar and vocals to the tenor saxophone – and back to singing. Too shy to go on stage, she decided to first go to drama school but soon joined roles as a singer and then completely switched to Jazz. She was taught by the classical countertenor Oliver May and Jazz-band practice with Jürgen Wuchner (Darmstadt, Germany), Jon Sass (Vienna/New York) and Oliver Steidle (Berlin, Germany). She learned Jazz singing with Diethra Bishop (Hilversum, NL) and Fay Victor (New York City). The New York vocalist to Jährling about her skills:” a great jazz singer…great affinity, very musical and you use your ear very well “. She played with among others Uli Partheil and Norbert Dömling, in New York with Anders Nielsen, Max Johnson and pianist Marco di Gennaro. His judgment: “Outstanding. It was a pleasure for me”. In 2011 she appeared as a vocalist on the CD “Lunch Love Live”, produced by composer and guitarist André Cézanne. She wrote most of the lyrics and convinced with a wide stylistic range: from Blues to a delicate Bossa, French chanson to classical interpretations of Fernando Pessoa-poems. As the leader of her band NOLA , Jährling dedicates the first project to Billie Holiday. What connects them, is that, with an unerring sense of authenticity, Jährling also especially tells Blues stories, whilst varying the rhythmic shaping with very own phrasing. What distinguishes them is the large range and the very conscious use of timbres and atmospheres by Jährling, who embodies Billie Holiday in her self-written play “Billies Blues” at the Westside Theatre, Darmstadt, which is running successfully in the theatre-program since 2012! from

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