Marius Popp

Marius Popp, a Romanian composer and jazz pianist, was born September 21, 1935 in Sibiu. Popp graduated from Institute of Architecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest. He studied with Ana Severa Bentia, Maricica Neagu, Alexandru Pascanu, Corneliu Gorghiu (piano), and musical theory solfege harmony. Popp has been a part of many jazz festivals, including Ploiesti and San Sebastian, Ljubliana. When Lionel Hampton gave a concert at Bucure?ti in 1971, he played with him. He was part of the Mihai Berindei Quartet’s Bucuresti Jazz Quartet and played with Aura Urziceanu (Pedro Negrescu), Eugen Gondi, Johnny Raducanu etc. He was a regular at Electrecord’s Jazz Series.

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