Mark De Clive-lowe

MARK de CLIVELOWE (MdCL), is one of the most creative producers and live performers that you’ll find anywhere. This multi-national superstar is fueled by his dual Japanese and New Zealander heritage and ignited by his love of piano at age four. No matter what you call him, he is an artist, producer or composer, pianist, performer and DJ. The marvel of Mark de Clivelowe (MdCL) doesn’t care about the titles. Although many attempt to categorize this rich music journey, the fact that only one label is used to describe it belies its immense scope. MdCL’s relentless skills are accentuated by his unique sonic sensibility. The piano sets the course, while the keyboard drives the vehicle. MdCL is an accomplished musician. He started out playing straight-ahead jazz before moving on to other genres. The MdCL experience features a live performance by the acclaimed performer MdCL. He creates impromptu studio music on stage using keyboards, drum machines and other effects. Live remixes are created on stage for every gig. He is a bold talent and a prodigious performer. He has contributed to more than 250 albums and been a first-call collaborator to a wide variety of artists including Jill Scott, Jody watley, Leon Ware, Marvin Gaye/Michael Jackson/Maxwell, Dame Shirley Bassey, Sandra St. Victor, The Family Stand/Chaka Khan, among others. MdCL, who has been based in Los Angeles for the past ten years, is now ready to release Take the Space Trane, his new album on Tru Thoughts Records. It features a collaboration with the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra bigband. This is the latest development in MdCL’s evolution. He has established himself as the premier source for club music, progressive soul, and urban alternative. Jazz big band tradition and the dancefloor collide head-on with arrangemtents of MdCL club classics, new compositions and dancefloor work out reinterpretation of the Duke Ellington-made-famous standard Caravan. MdCL is Quincy Jones for the new generation. It combines the science of beat-making and the fluidity of organic musicianship. MdCL’s clubnite CHURCH, which he has in LA and NYC, is a mix of jazz club and live remix experiment. It also tours worldwide. The Roots’ Mark Kelley, James Genus (Herbie Hancock/Chick corea), Jean Grae(Talib Kweli/The Roots), Nia Jacobs (Janelle Monae/Common), Miguel AtwoodFerguson/Suite for Ma Dukes), Casey Benjamin/Robert Glasper Experiment), and many more, CHURCH offers a unique clubnite experience… MdCL has a limitless potential. With a strong fan base that spans many cities including LA, NYC and Atlanta as well as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona. Tokyo, Tokyo, and Sydney, he’s able to take it all on the roads like no other. from

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