Markus Gottschlich

Markus Gottschlich, a Austrian-born composer and pianist, is one of the young lions in the Florida jazz scene. Markus’ music is a unique mix of the “old world” as well as the “new world”. His lyricism, technique and live performances are a part of his unique sound. Markus’ 2008 solo album, When the Day Is Done, received a lot of critical acclaim. Markus collaborated with Grammy Award-winning musicians Jose Javier Freire and Federico Britos for his second album, Of Places Between. It was released in summer 2013. His music has a global flavour that transcends his Austrian roots. Markus was born in Vienna, Austria and grew up in the same apartment that Beethoven used to live in. After a classical piano education, Markus moved to the USA where he studied at Concordia College-NY, Admiral Farragut Academy and Western Connecticut State University. Markus is currently the Artistic Director for the Miami Jazz Fest. While he is busy performing in clinics across the US and Europe, he also works on new compositions and commissions. from

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