Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen (b. Markus Stockhausen (b. He worked closely with Karlheinz Stockhausen for 25 years, his father who composed many wonderful works. Markus’s approach to creating “intuitive music” is influenced a lot by post-bop and free jazz and electronica. He also takes advantage of his exceptional command of the instrument. A recording of Rainer Bruninghaus’s early recordings (Continuum ECM) shows him playing the trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn in intricate, electrifying ways. His later work with guitarist Ralph Towner and bassist Gary Peacock, as well his many collaborations with Arild Andersen (Karta), Joysa, Electric Treasures), and his numerous duo collaborations (notably, with Ferenc Snetberger on guitar, with Tara Bouman on clarinets, Moving Sounds) as well as his trio Lichtblick, which he formed with Christian Thome and pianist Angelo Comisso (project: Klangvisionen), have given him new perspectives. He has been a composer for large orchestras and ensembles, often as a soloist (Choral und Sehnsucht and Sonnenaufgang, Ascent and Pause and Miniatur, Symbiosis and Tanzendes Licht, among others) since 2001. His work is documented on more than 60 CDs. He gives workshops regularly on Intuitive Music, More, and courses in Singing u0026 Silence. from

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