Marlies Debacker

Marlies Debacker, a Belgian pianist, performer of free improvised and contemporary music, is based in Cologne. She conducts extensive research about the sound possibilities of her instrument, focusing on resonance, pedal work and the use of different preparations. This allows her to switch between the traditional sound of a piano as well as various percussive or pseudo-electronic sounds. She also plays the piano and the Hohner ClavinetD6 vintage keyboard. After completing her bachelor’s degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerp she went on to study her masters at Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Koln. She then completed a masters in Contemporary Music at Folkwang Universitat der Kunste Essen, where Benjamin Kobler was accompanied by Prof. Barbara Maurer. Marlies is a performer of contemporary music, solo or in ensembles. She is the curator of the Plattform Nicht Dokumentierbarer Ereignisse, a concert series that showcases improvised music. It has a long history in Cologne. She is also a member IMPAKT, Cologne’s young collective of improvisers. She has performed at festivals like Acht Brucken Koln and Biennale del arte Venezia. Graz, PGNM Biennale Musik Bremen, Serious Series Berlin. IEMA Klangspuren Schwaz. NOW! Festival Essen. Duettissimo Krakow has also participated in theatre works by Schauspiel Koln (“Aus dem burgerlichen Heldenleben”, F. Castorf). She has also been invited to residencies like “human noise congress 2019. Debacker is a professional pianist and teaches improvisation at Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Koln. from

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