Martti Vesala

AllAboutJazz describes Martti Vesala, a Helsinki-based composer and trumpeter, as “a highly skilled young man”. He was born in 1981 and has won praise for his compositional and instrumental skills. Vesala, a Sibelius Academy grad, has studied under the Nordic Master of Jazz -programme’s top jazz trumpetists. Vesala is a creative and skilled composer. He has composed original music for ensembles of any size, from small quintets to large bands. Vesala’s original compositions feature catchy melodies, rich harmonies, and rhythmic layers reminiscent of jazz’s Afro-American heritage. The Soundpost Quintet, his band, is composed of the best young jazz musicians from Finland. Vesala composed the music for the group, a reflection of his long-standing admiration for Wayne Shorter’s music as well as The 1960’s Miles Davis Quintet’s groove. Ozella Music will release Soundpost Quintet’s debut album in September 2016. Visit

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