Masahiko Togashi

Japanese jazz drummer and pianist. Born March 22, 1940; died August 22, 2007. Togashi, who was born March 22, 1940 and died August 22, 2007, was an internationally acclaimed jazz drummer. He first started playing in Sadao Watanabe’s group as a teenager. Along with Masayuki Takaanagi, Yosuke Yamashita and Masahiko Sato he was an important figure in the development Japan’s free jazz scene in the 1960’s. Togashi was injured in an accident in 1969. However, he created a new drum-kit that allowed him to return to playing 18 months later. Togashi has worked with many jazzmen overseas, including Charlie Haden (Don Cherry), Charlie Haden, Mal Waldron, Mal Waldron, and Paul Bley. The 1975 album “Spiritual Nature” is his most well-known Japanese record. Togashi’s physical condition deteriorated and he stopped playing active in 2002. He began to focus on composition and painting. From discogs

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