Masumi Ormandy

Masumi Ormandy, a vocalist, is first and foremost an English-language educator. She co-founded the Tokyo-based Pacific Language School. Masumi is currently the vice principal of the school and head the Institute of PLS English Education. The PLS brand has been able to spread across the country over 42 years. She is the author or co-author of many books and educational aids. This website contains a small selection of her work. Masumi is a consultant for English language schools in Japan, including kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools. She draws on her extensive knowledge and experience in this field. She teaches philosophy and techniques and helps train both Japanese and foreign teachers of English. Masumi has been an avid student of music and singing in recent years. She has also spent time in Italy learning the culture and language. She also engaged with local teachers and children. The educator in her soon realized that the PLS System could be used to teach English to Italian students. Masumi’s determination to be a singer stems from her love for singing and her desire to show that music, languages, especially English, can help us understand the world. She says that learning English is an essential part of modern education. It’s your “passport” to the world of possibilities and the realization of your dreams. from

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