Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick is a Norwegian jazz musician who was born 26 June 1979 in Eidsfoss, Norway. He plays the trumpet but also plays vibraphone, guitar, and double bass. Mathias Eick has performed alongside many well-known musicians and groups, including Jaga Jazzist and the “Trondheim Jazz Orchestre” with Chick Corea as well as Pat Metheny. Mathias Eick won the 2007 International Jazz Award for New Talent. Eick, a trumpeter, is a continuation of the greats like Chet Baker, Miles Davis and Kenny Wheeler. ECM released Eick’s solo debut album, The Door in 2008, and it was a success. Eick was also featured on Jacob Young’s ECM album Sideways that year. Eick reunited with Skala, a pop-oriented contemporary band, in 2011 to continue his solo work. From Allaboutjazz, and

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