Mats Gustafsson

Extended techniques were popularized by Mats Gustafsson, a Swedish saxophone (1964), in the 2000s. Gustafsson founded Gush with Sten Sandell, the keyboardist, and Raymond Strid, the drummer. Tjo och Tjim was released in August 1989 by Gustafsson and Sven-Ake Jonasson. Gushwachs (may 1994), Things to Sounds (octobre 90), Gushwachss (may 1994), with Phil Wachsmann, violinist/violist (Gustafsson performed French flageolett and played baritone saxophone, fluteophone, soprano, and soprano saxophone), none which are particularly exciting. Norrkoping (may, 2003), which contained three long pieces, and Electric Eel (november 1996), which only had two, was better. Gustafsson was prolific, but his recordings rarely reached artistic heights. Nothing to Read (march 1991), documents two live improvisations by Paul Lovens, percussionist. Barry Guy, Barry Lovens, and Gustafsson recorded Mouth Eating Trees (december 1992), which was one of his most memorable performances. Parrot Fish Eye (october 1994), contains duets and recordings with Michael Zerang, percussionist, and Gene Coleman, guitarist and Jim O’Rourke. Christmann/Gustafsson/Lovens (december 1994) was a live concert with Lovens and Gunter Christmann on cello and trombone. You Forget To Answer (july 1995), contains improvisations by Barry Guy and Raymond Strid. Gryffgryffgryffs (january 1996) documents a concert featuring Barry Guy, Raymond Strid, and Marilyn Crispell. Battuto, a “pasta idea” (october 1996), featured guitarist John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis. Fred Lonberg–Holm was the cellist and Terri Kapsalis was the violinist. It also includes the Fusilli Bucati Lunghi. Improvisors (march 1996) was an uncut improvisation with Jaap and Michael Blonk, percussionist Michael Zerang and hyper-vocalist Jaap. It was also reprinted with the same title in June 1996 with Jaap Blonk as vocalist and Bart Van Der Putten playing clarinet and alto sax. Five brief duets are included on the EP Lennart (April 1997), which is credited to Two Slices of Acoustic Car. Frogging (june 1997) was a collaboration between Barry Guy and Hyla Gratiosa (15.14). One to (Two), (august 1997) was a duo featuring Gunter Christmann on trombone and cello. Background Music (january 1998) was a trio featuring Guillermo Gregorio, percussionist Kjell Noreson and other saxofonists. Apertura (january 1998) was a 65-minute long improvisation with David Grubbs, harmonium. It was one of the most memorable of the bunch. Mats Gustafsson was credited with Sticky Tongues and Kitchen Knives (january 1999).

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