Matt Dennis

Matt Dennis was a songwriter, pianist and singer who wrote hit songs for Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra in the 1940s and 1950s. Dennis was born in Seattle to a vaudeville family. He learned to play the piano as a teenager and got a job at Horace Heidt. After moving to Hollywood, he began working in clubs as a pianist with singers like Martha Tilton, Merry Macs and the Pied Pipers. Dennis was still in the Pipers’ ranks when they joined Tommy Dorsey. He served as an arranger, composer and coach for Dorsey. Dennis was a radio operator and also arranged music for Glenn Miller’s AAF Orchestra during WWII. Dennis was a collaborator with Tom Adair, a lyricist. His most well-known songs include “Will You Still Be Mine?” and “Let’s Get Away From It All.” He also wrote “We Belong Together,” “We’ve Reached The Point of No Return” and “You Can Believe Me.” Dennis also recorded a number of songs for the Glendale label, RCA, Jubilee and Kapp labels. Later, he worked as a nightclub entertainer and on radio. Allmusic

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