Matt Pavolka

Matt Pavolka is a bass player. Some think he’s amazing. He began his career as a trombonist, but was ridiculed. He believed that chicks would love him if he played bass. He misunderstood it with the guitar. He is an Indiana redneck. He was born in Muncie. He was born in Muncie. His parents attended college there along with David Letterman. He was born in Bloomington. There is also a small town called Raccoon and another called Needmore. He attended Berklee College of Music, Boston, mainly to escape Indiana. There he played a lot. Many of the musicians he still works with were his friends. He met his future spouse. He also wrote music. He was awarded some awards. He drank a lot of coffee, smoked a lot of cigarettes, ate bad food, and didn’t get much sleep. He is much happier now. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, with Akiko, his beautiful and talented wife. He has a lot to offer music and collaborations with great musicians from New York City and around the world. Sometimes he makes poor music with mediocre artists for money. The Matt Pavolka Band is a band he has that performs in New York occasionally. Tone Of A Pitch Records has released “Something People Could Use”, their first album. They may release another album if someone grants them money. The Horns Band is a second band he formed recently. The music is very different from the original band, but it is kind of similar to the first. The musicians. There are also horns. The Horns Band has a new album out on Fresh Sound New Talent Records. They were given money by someone. from

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