Matt Skellenger

Matt Skellenger is an electric bassist who has been an exception to the rule. Skellenger’s unique sound is a combination of forward-thinking creativity, progressive techniques, and natural musicality. Matt was born in Denver, CO. and has been performing, composing and recording in the Front Range for 23+ years. He earned a Bachelor of Music in 2002. He earned a B.A. in Music at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where he studied trumpeter Ron Miles. Skellenger’s passion for electric bass led to him attending Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey’s Bass At the Beach Workshops in 2004 and five Victor Wooten Bass Nature Camps between 2004-2010. He had the opportunity to learn from world-class musicians like Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey, who are also full-time instructors at the camps. They include Chuck Rainey and Chuck Rainey, some of the most influential electric bass players ever. Skellenger received one of two scholarships to The Bass Collective in NYC, for a week-long intensive course. Matt’s versatility can be heard in music that ranges from solo bass to jazz sextet or modern rock power trio, as well as folk, Americana, blues, and pop. Matt’s first solo album, On My Way Home, was released in 2003. Parentheticals was released in 2009 with Ron Miles and Dave Miller. In 2013, the group released The Owls Are Not what They Seem, their second album. Glenn Taylor was added to the Pedal Steel Guitar. New Radio was launched in 2014. It included Adam Bartczak as a Trombone player and Conch Shell. Skellenger is a leader of his own band, and a teacher at Swallow Hill Music School. He is also presently a member The Grown A$$ Man Band. from

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