Maureen Choi

Maureen Choi, the violinist, was once called the “next great jazz voice” by Rodney Whitaker. She has a wide range of musical interests, from Bach to jazz to Michael Jackson. Choi, a Michigan State University graduate, has won many competitions and performed extensively in jazz and classical genres across the United States, Europe and Australia. Maureen has also performed with Whitaker and the great Latin pianist Larry Harlow. She plays Latin music in various bands, and performed regularly with Charanga Tropical and Salsabrosa while she lived in Minneapolis. Recently, she graduated from the Berklee College of Music and is currently working with Victor Mendoza, Francisco Vielma, Leo Tatis and Francisco Vielma on several Latin projects. Her Classical collaboration with Arturo Cardelus has also been completed. Choi keeps close ties to Michigan, where she works alongside jazz and classical artists in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. From

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