Mauro Grossi

Mauro Grossi was born in Livorno. He studied classical piano at the Musical Institute P. Mascagni” Livorno, Diploma in Jazz from the Conservatory “G. Puccini “La Spezia” was inspired by Herbie Hancock’s improvement in jazz piano at Salzburg’s Mozarteum. He also studied composition with Gaetano Giani Lupirini and conducting orchestras with Carlo Moreno Volpini. As a young Jazz pianist (Rome Folkstudio 1975), he performed the 80ths as a composer, arranger, and conductor. He has performed with many important musicians, including Luis Agudo and Cyro Baptista. Many well-known Italian musicians collaborated with him, including Flavio Boltro and Enrico Rava, Bruno Tommaso and Giovanni Tommaso. He was the pianist of the Maurizio Gimmarco Heart Quartet from 1993 to 1998. He also performed a duet with Gianluigi Trvesi, clarinetist. He was involved in Jewish music from 1997 to 2003, as part of the “Shir-Am”, trio that included American singer Faye Nepon (and Ukrainian violist/violinist Igor Polesitsky). He has appeared at many important festivals in Italy and other countries such as Canada, France. Germany. Paraguay. Poland. Russia. Switzerland. Turkey. He was the winner of the 1987 competition for arrangers at Barga and a finalist in 1988 to Leverkusen. It has been his music that was requested for major occasions, such as the 25th anniversary of EBU-UER Eurovision, the two debuts of National Orchestra of Jazz (which Roberto Ottaviano was a composer and conductor), and the invitation with Roberto Ottaviano with Bari Symphony Orchestra (Bari Teatro Team, Roma Foro Italico),Civica Orchestra of Piccolo Teatro, Milan 2006, as an arranger, and 2007 as a composer, conductor, and soloist. He is a pop-oriented composer, arranger and instrumentalist in some of the best italian recording studios. Since he was 18 years old, he has been a collaborator with RAI (Italian Radio and Television). He was the #1 pianist in the orchestra of Rome 1985. There have been many collaborations with RAI. More than 30 albums of Jazz, Gospel and Jewish Light have been recorded by him, including the 2nd album of Maurizio Gimmarco Heart Quartet, a duet with Andrea Dulbecco titled “Summer Suite”, the solo piano “Colors”, and the 2nd CD tel trio ARS3 featuring Marco Castiglioni and Attilio Zanzchi entitled “Promemoria”, which was awarded the quality mark from both the Italian magazines. Gianluca Esposito, Flavio Boltro and John Arnold released E on CD for Wide Records label. The CD, titled “EDEN”, a large string section sextet, was published by Abeat in October 2012. He was invited to perform this project in Turkey in March 2013. Shir-Am3 and the trio perform the title track from the Roberto Faenza film “Prendimi L’Anima”, produced by Medusa Film. It is the ‘co-author’ of the soundtrack to the film “Solometro” by M.Cucurnia, which was directed and starred Michele Placido. In October 2002, he was invited by the Italian Institute of Culture to perform in Krakow as part of Italy’s representation at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. Luciano Berio invited him to perform at the 60th birthday celebration of Renzo Piano, the world-famous architect. In concert at the Capitol, Rome, June 2009 with PMJO (Parco Della Musica Jazz Orchestra). It was the composer, arranger and musical director for the project “L’Amico del Vento”, by Stefano Cantini Rita Marcotulli string quintet. The CD for Aegea label became a huge success with both the public and critics. He performed with this project at the Musik Messe Frankfurt 2007 and Montreal 2006. He was the pianist for two CDs by the group’s saxophonist Mirko Guierrini, the second of which was recorded for the well-known label Universal. He performed as a duo with Stefano Cantini and Giorgio Albertazzi at the Politecnico Milan University’s main hall in the 2007 show “Notturno Jazz”. His debut was at Piacenza Nuoro in February and August 2009. He was the co-leader pianist, arranger and quartet string quartet leader with Paolo Fresu. This project, “LET’S GAIN FOUND”, was dedicated to the 10 unpublished manuscripts that Chet Baker wrote during his imprisonment in Lucca. It miraculously resurfaced after nearly half a century. This project will soon be resumed. He has been teaching Jazz since the 80s in various schools and seminars. He is the 1993 Professor of Jazz at Conservatory “P.Mascagni” Livorno, which is also Chief Department. He is considered one of the most important jazz teachers in Italy and has played a significant role in the formation of many important musicians, including Stefano Bollani. from

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