May Okita

May Okita, a jazz singer, psychiatrist, and mother to a beautiful daughter, is an inspiring artist. She is able to live in the present because she has ample opportunities. Okita moved from Japan to Los Angeles to pursue her love for Jazz and study medicine. She studied clinical psychiatry at UCLA for four years, which is one of the most prestigious clinics the U.S. has. While she was studying medicine, Okita also pursued her passion for Jazz. The result is a new, sparkling jazz singer for jazz lovers all over the globe. May Okita is sensitive, creative, open, and sophisticated. It’s a joy to listen to. Okita’s ability perform emotionally and mindfully allows her to connect with her audience in a meaningful manner. She is always looking for new artistic opportunities. This includes improvisation and the possibility of offering her audience a multi-dimensional experience. Josh Nelson was a friend for over 10 years. She has been an avid fan and mentor to May, bringing out May’s best creative self. The song’s title, “Art of Life”, was composed by them together. Okita established the Jazz Vocal Alliance Japan in Tokyo in 2015. This organization provides authentic Jazz education, resources and opportunities for singers from all over the world, as well as support for the Japanese vocal jazz community. May Okita has signed with Origin Records in Seattle. Her debut album “Art of Life”, was released January 2019.

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