Mélanie Dahan

Since her debut album in 2009, Melanie Dahan, a French singer, has been making inroads in the French jazz scene. Her album “Latine”, released in 2011, received critical acclaim. It combines the best elements of Brazilian, Argentinean, and French music. With her debut album “La Princesse et Les Croque Notes”, Dahan began her international career in 2009. In 2009, Dahan was praised for “connecting old French chansons to modern songs, turning Charles Aznavour’s music into contemporary jazz standards, and turning the musics of Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, and Leo Ferre into jazz standards”. All About Jazz, a jazz music website, describes Dahan as “connecting old French chansons to modern songs, turning Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel into jazz standards, ean, e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e Jacques Brel Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, Jacques Brel, ean, es, es, ean, s,,,,,,,,,,, Jacques Brel,,,, Jacques Brel,, ean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Leo Ferre,,,,,,,,,,,, and,,,,,,, and Brazilian music. Dahan, who was kind enough to talk about everything, from her background in jazz music to her new album with Daily Sabah, before taking to the Akbank Sanat stage, Beyoglu tonight. Dahan began playing jazz music at an early age. Dahan said her dad’s love for jazz and bossa was what got her started in jazz early. French chansons, pop music and French chansons were some of her favorite songs. However, Dahan says that she fell in love jazz after hearing Ella Fitzgerald’s “Live in Berlin”. Dahan’s parents were supportive, even though she began singing at the age of 17 which is considered early to be on the stage. Dahan says that her parents understood my love for music and stage. However, she did not abandon her music studies and completed a four-year university degree. She says that music was something she always loved and that her parents supported her in her pursuit of it. Dahan was a finalist in a few contests, and she was also named the “Young hopeful for French jazz vocal” at Les Couleurs Du Jazz festival. Among all the awards and competitions she has won, Dahan still considers being a finalist at “Jazz a Juan,” an annual jazz festival and competition that was held in Juan-les-Pins, southern France in 2005 to be the most significant. It was her first award. Dahan has traveled to many countries, from Japan to Latin America. She says that she has many moving memories from her time on the road, both from small venues as well as large theaters in major cities such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. Dahan recorded her new album with five jazz pianists: Thomas Ehnco (Baptiste Trotignon), Pierre de Bethmann (Manuel Rocheman) and Franck Amsallem. Dahan described it as fun and enriching, despite the fact that it was difficult. from http://www.dailysabah.com

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