Michael Alan

Michael Alan, a baby boomer, grew up listening and singing along to pop and rock music from the ’70s and ’80s. The Beatles were and remain his musical obsession. Michael was exposed to jazz and fusion through his teachers and fellow musicians in college. Michael’s interest in music technology inspired him to use synthesizers and MIDI to create music. This was back when computers were still relatively new. Michael’s obsession with music technology led to his debut album, Distant Worlds. It features many synthesizers and loops, keyboards and drum samples. There are also a few real guitars by Michael Alan, Tony DePaolo, and Michael Vince. There is also plenty of flute, EWI, and saxophones. “Distant Worlds allowed my entire musical talent set – sound designer and musician, engineer, producer – to be combined into one project that showcases my jazz, rock and pop influences as well as the many aspects of my artistry. Alan’s rise is the culmination of a multifaceted career in music, including stints as a sound engineer and tech consultant for many producers, recording artists, bands (including Toto), and mixing and mastering engineers. Berklee alumnus has also been a veteran in many jazz, rock and R.

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