Michael Vitali

Michael Vitali, a native of Zurich in Switzerland, entered the New York music scene shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2002. Although he had only a change of clothes and a drum set, Michael quickly impressed his peers and audiences with his natural sensitivity and dynamism. Vitali, appropriately named, has a busy performance schedule. He’s been to many of New York’s most prestigious venues, including Fat Cat, Smoke and Cleopatra’s Needle. Michael has performed on numerous albums and toured the US and Europe. Michael, a jazz legend, is well-known for his versatility. Michael is constantly exploring the variety of musical options and displaying the unique colors of his palette in many parts of the city. Michael has been a prominent figure in Haitian music, performing and recording with MonvelynoAlexis, Alegba and Friends, and Buyu Ambroise. He has performed at the top World Music venues in New York City, including SOBs, Nublu, and La Caye, and has also collaborated with Irka Mateo from the Dominican Republic. He’s featured on Lorens Chuno, a Nigerian singer-songwriter. Michael is active in the rock scene. He’s played at The Bitter End and Arlene’s Grocery, as well as the CBGBs, with Scott Maher, an Irish singer/songwriter. He also toured the east coast in Squeeze Rock (an accordion-driven hip-hop/rock group). Highlight of 2017 was a performance at Prospect Park Bandshell with Xavier Cardriche. Michael has also led his own groups and performed with Eve Cornelious (Ed Cherry), Rick Margitza (Sebastian Noelle), Rick Margitza, Rick Margitza), Rick Margitza. Deyna Stephans. Melissa Aldana are just a few of the many jazz greats Michael has worked alongside. The Michael Vitali Trio, Yuka Tadano on bass, and Justin Wert on guitar are some of Michael’s current projects. Their second album, Scratching The Surface, featuring Melissa Aldana on the tenor saxophone is due to be released on June 15th. They have toured extensively throughout Europe in 2015, 2016, and 2017. A 2019 tour is planned. Michael performs with Chris Bacas and Takeshi Asai, as well as The Stan Killian Trio. He hosts the weekly Cortelyou Jazz jam session at Bar Chord, Brooklyn. Michael has been a committed teacher throughout his entire career. from http://michaelvitalimusic.com

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