Michel Bisceglia

Michel was born in Belgium to an Italian family in 1970. He toured Germany for the first time with Garrison Fewell at age 19. In 1991, he and Harald Ingenhag founded the German jazz trio “Cattleya” with Volker Heinze. He founded his own trio at 26. Michel was nominated for the Belgian ZAMU award as “the best musician” in 1997 and 1999. He also composed a work for the 80-piece opera orchestra “Touch Yesterday” 1993. In addition, he wrote over 200 orchestrations and soundtrack orchestrations for the TV cartoon series “Symfollies”. Michel started his own orchestra PROVA SMYMFONICA in 2004. He is an educator and has served as a faculty member at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels since he was 23 years old. Michel has performed in more than 180 concerts per year since the age of 20. From www.discogs.com

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