Michel Edelin

He is mentioned in “The Dictionary of the Jazz”, (Laffond), and is also recognized in “The Great Creators of Jazz”, (Bordas), as an authentic one specialist of flute jazz. He is one of the four jazz players who are quoted in a Jazz Hot Prize List (with Dave Valentin and James Moody) An “Exclusicve”, flutist with initial training self-taught, he earns many soloist’s prices. He starts by interpreting Miles Davis, Coltrane and Miles Davis… and then he stays as Eric Dolphy, Roland Kirk, or Jeremy Steig. They all make the flute a means of original expression that is not limited to stereotypical thinking. Flute player in the “Triode”, leader in “Flutes Rencontre (Flute Meeting)). He has two groups and two records, where he composes the majority of the music. This opens him up to international festivals and concerts. Francois Mechali, Andy Emler, Mico Niesim, Francois Courturier (p), Francois Mechali (b), Peter Gritz, F. Verly and Fredy Studer dms Michel Edelin form a nonet that includes some of the most talented soloists from France and Europe (Michel Godard, Tony Lakatos and Yosko Seiffer), playing the compositions by both of these leaders. 1990-92 He plays with Byard Lanca and is a special guest with the quintet American flutist Dave Valentin ( Montreux..etc). He also composes the music, lyrics, and the notebook for “Ze Blue Note”, jazz-opera for quintet, and children choir. (Evian International Meeting booked by M.Rostropovitch and Bouffe du Nord Theatre, Paris…etc) The record was voted the “blow-of-heart” of the year by Telerama Alain Jean-Marie, Simon Goubert (dms), and F. Mechali form a quartet in his honor. 1993 – 1997 Record With Daniel Humair(dms), Jacques Di Donato(cl, bcl), sop sax), Francois Couturier (p) F. Mechali (b) “Round about Les Parapluies de Cherbourg roundabout Michel Legrand music video. With Jean-Jacques Avenel and Simon Goubert, he creates a new Jazz Quartet for AA Records. Cd live at Le Petit faucheux – “Deblocage d’emergenceā€ (AA Records). “Sons d’Hiver” Festival : Creation and performance of a jazz quintet with sixty children based on improvisations. 1998-99 Creation of ” And Tosca was there …” Around Puccini’s opera ( Di Donato Couturier, Humair, and Mechali) He plays with Larry Schneider, Adam Neussbaum, Francois Laizeau (dms), and Larry Schneider (ts), for a Carte Blanche to Francois Meali at La Seyne International Fest. 2000-2003 Recording of “Le Chant des Dionysies”, duet with Francois Meali. (Charlotte Prod.) Recording of “Et la Tosca Passa.” (“And Tosca came alongside”) by Michel Edelin 5tet, based on Puccini opera. Charlotte Prod Special Project – Duet Phil Minton, guest at ” Europa Jazz Fest. Le Mans. Concerts with Chris Hayward, Philippe Deschepper (g), and J J Avenel. Duet with Benedicte Alexandre Gil – Improvisations around baroque music and current music. 2004 Creation of “Words Song” Andre Minvielle (vocal and perc), Jacques Di Donato( cls. perc), Francois Mechali(b) 2005 4tet (p), Sophia DOMANCICH, Jean-Jacques AVENEL, (b) Duet (flutes, percs, machines) impros around about machines grooves. Composition for CAMARGO Company ( choreography : Dominique REBAUD). Music recorded by Steve POTTS, sopsax), Thomas SAVY, tsax and bcl. cl), Daniel CASIMIR, tb), Chris Hayward (perc, afl. Cfl), Jean-Jacques AVENEL, double bass, kora Anne Montaron, Sudio 106 Radio France.France Musique. Jean-Luc CAPPOZZO, Came lZEKRI, g, synth. Francois MECHALI (double basse) 2006 – Creation a NEW QUINTET. Eric DOLPHY owns the instruments for flute, alto sax and bass clarinet. Today Flutes International Meeting (Duet with Carlos BECHEGAS, workshop) 2007 – TRIO (double bass)

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