Michelle Coltrane

Michelle Coltrane is the only child of Alice Coltrane and John Coltrane. She was born in Paris. Michelle was a DJ while living in Japan. She was a background singer for a number of artists and performed them. Michelle was eventually hired to voice over for Chevrolet commercials. She was also contracted to write a song about the theme park “Color the Night”, which was performed at Space World Amusement Park, Japan. As a soloist, she has performed in the US and France with artists such as Kenny Kirkland and Jeff Watts. She also performed with Ronnie Laws and Billy Childs. Scott Hiltzik, a composer and musician, recorded her first CD, “I THINK OF You”. It is both a jazz classic and contemporary collaboration. Jazz Times was impressed with the recording and awarded it a YES Award. This award was presented by Barbara Morrison, blues artist. Michelle was a featured performer in the 2013 Panama Jazz Festival. Recent appearances include shows at The John Ford Amphitheater, Los Angeles, The Miami Jazz Festival and Vibratos In Bel Air Ca. (House of Music).

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