Mick Goodrick

Mick Goodrick, born in Sharon, PA on June 9, 1945, is an American post-bop jazz guitarist and educator. He is most famous for his work with Gary Burton’s band, during which he played alongside Pat Metheny. Metheny later cited Goodrick’s influence. Goodrick graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1967. He was also an educator for a few more years before joining Gary Burton. When he was 11 years old, he began to study guitar and was inspired by Stan Kenton summer camps to learn jazz. He began his teaching career at New England Conservatory, Berklee College of Music and with vibraphonist Gary Burton. His most recent recordings were for Greg Hopkins and LaszloGardony as well as Gary Chaffee, Steve Swallow, and Gary Chaffee. Goodrick has had many distinguished students over the course of his career. His first book, The Advanced Guitarist, is an instructional manual for all types of guitarists. Goodrick also wrote a series of books on the intricacies and art of harmonic voice-leading. From Wikipedia

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