Miguel Fernández

Born Aquarius 1978. “Horse” according to the Chinese horoscope. Pablo Sarasate, a famous Baztan violinist, gave the Superior Conservatory of Navarre its name. I studied classical saxophone at that time. Inaki Askunze, Mikel Andueza and Marc Miralta had already introduced jazz to the world. I ran the “Iruna Big Band”, which was my first group in the 90’s. I had the opportunity to learn with Javier Colina and Inaki Salvador, Marc Miralta, Mario Fernandino, and Marc Miralta. From 2001 to 2003, I was able to move to Boston thanks to a grant from “Principe de Viana Institution” as well as another from Berklee College of Music. There, I met Garzone, Tiberi Bergonzi Lovano Lovano, Hal Crook, Tomassi, and they gave me the finish off (poisoned). In 2002/03, I received the Woodwind Department Achirvement award. My degree was in Jazz Performance. Rated “Magna Cum Laude”, Dianne Reseves was my master of ceremonies. My companions during this time were Leo Genovese and Esperanza Spaulding as well as Andre Matos (Goncalo Marques), Jure Pukl, Walter Smith, and Demian Cabaud. My current residence was established in Barcelona in 2005. I also taught for many years the Jazz Department of Conservatory of Navarra. It’s been 10 years since I moved to Barcelona. Here, I was able to participate in groups that helped me grow both musically and emotionally, such as MUT Trio, which is Tito Juan and Oriol Rocha, my guardian angels. We salute the free! Santi Careta Group (with Domenech and Cuevas, Julianne Heinneman), Mystic Flugelhorn Band (What a mysterious band Dani Comas created! ), Two Tenors Quartet (Miguel “pintxo” Villar, Balcazar, and Del Val), Nicolas Sanchez Quartet and Albert Marques Quartet… Although the history of the quartet has been varied since 2007, when Dani Perez, Dani Ferrer and Gonzalo Del Val started it. The 2009 “Transplanet Species”, the best 2010 Jazz album, was rewarded twice: Jac/Grupo Enderrock and BBK Jazz Foundation. Albert Bover, Joan Monne and Jordi Mattas have been part of the group Albert Plana since 2010. I currently believe I have the quarted I always hoped for where I can continue experimenting with new music and with Massa Kamaguchi, Massa Kamaguchi, and Marco Mezquida. I feel something special about them because everything is so effortless, unpretentious. After a long time, I had missed the USA and especially New York’s live music scene. In 2013, I took a trip to visit old friends and record “Afrikan blues”. Thanks to Leo’s Genovese productions, music of my own making is a miraculous rebirthing. Legendary Joe Hunt, 75 years old, has toured with Bill Evans and Stan Getz on drums, Chet Baker on drums, and Jason Palmer on trumpet and Chris Lightcap on bass. Leo thanks again to fox on the piano. Published by Sax On. A place for saxophonists and wind instrumentalists (vintage and old instruments shop, accessories, repair, restoration and fixing wind instrument), where I work alongside Diego Gonzalez, “the delighter repairman”, and Luciano Ceraso, “the jazz library”. from http://www.miguelfernandez.net

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