Mihai Iordache

Iordache was born in 1967 in Bucharest, Romania, and began playing saxophone in 1990. His first influences were Charlie Parker, Lee Konitz and Ornette Coleman. In the early 90’s he played with Harry Tavitian’s Blues Community. Between ’96 and ’99 he played with pianist Lucian Ban’s Jazz Unit, then with bassist Vlaicu Golcea’s Rebop Factory. In ’99 he was asked to play alto with Orient Express, a 9-piece band led by pianist Harry Tavitian and recorded the album “Axis Mundi”. After discovering Sun Ra and reading his biography by John Szwed, he started a band called “Outer Space Seven”, a septet dedicated to Sun Ra’s music. After two concerts, it had turned into “Outer Space Five”, for obvious reasons. Around 2001 after an event which changed some of his ideas about life he started writing his own music. At first it was performed alongside the Sun Ra material by the Outer Space Five (with Sorin Romanescu on guitar, Vlaicu Golcea on bass… and various drummers). Then as the new tunes were replacing the old playlist he met Tom Smith, an outstanding trombone player and big band director who had come to Bucharest as a Fullbright scholar to create and rehearse a big band within the Academy of Music. Later he invited Mr. Smith to join his band for club gigs and jazz festivals. His two official albums – “friday – featuring Tom Smith” and “dissipatin’ ” have been released by A&A Records. Check out the “hear” link to enjoy some songs from these albums. He describes his music as free funk, where compositions and improvisations are governed by the rules of chance. His touring band used to include drummer Tavi Scurtu, bassist Utu Pascu, Sorin Romanescu and Eugen Nutescu on guitars. Lately he became interested in writing for larger ensembles. “Three’s a Crowd” is another collaborative duo with guitarist Sorin Romanescu. Their actions range from playing standards to bold explorations of chaos.They opened for Mats Gustafsson’s “The Thing” in 2011, in Oradea. Five years ago, a friend started recording all his live performances. This has resulted in a few homemade records: “hesitations” and “the lazy prince” (on sale at CD Baby), “naked saxophone”, “cheap fun”, and most recently “start from scratch” and “abstract dynamics”. The covers are recycled cardboard; the graphics are mostly by his daughter Kim. She also made this website. In August-September 2011 he recorded an album called “One Life Left” with musicians from Timisoara: Petre Ionutescu on trumpet, Lucian Nagy on tenor saxophone, guitarists Toni Kuhn and Dan Alex Mitrofan and of course drummer Tavi Scurtu and bassist Utu Pascu. “One Life Left” will be released on March 29 in Cluj and on March 30 in Bucharest. Since 2003 he is the saxophonist of rock band Kumm.

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