Mihály Dresch

Mihaly Dresch, a Hungarian saxophone musician and one of the most intriguing jazz and folk musicians in Budapest, was born 1955. His unique blend of American free-jazz traditions with elements from traditional Hungarian folk music has resulted in some of the most innovative and unexpected pieces of modern music. (See also: Music of Hungary). Dresch was studying engineering when he discovered jazz. He was a member the Karoly Binder Quartet. The influence of John Coltrane’s music is evident in his first quartet, which was established in 1984. Since 1998, the current lineup (Istvan balo – drums; Ferenc Kovacss – violin; Miklos Lukacss – dulcimer; Matyas Zandai: double bass) is in existence. Dresch has recorded and played with many artists over the years, including Roscoe Mitchell and Chico Freeman, Roscoe Mitchell and Chico Kovacs, Roscoe Mitch, Roscoe Mitchell and David Murray. Archie Shepp’s collaboration led to the 2002 Hungarian Bebop recording, in which Shepp performs Dresch’s original material. Dresch has performed at many jazz festivals around the world, including the London Jazz Festival. Dresch, in addition to his leadership role, is a permanent member Gyorgy Szabados’s band, The MAKUZ Ensemble. Szabados is widely considered the leader of Hungary’s free music movement. from http://en.wikipedia.org

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