Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon, aka Mike Dillon, is a San Antonio-based percussionist, vibraphonist. He also acts as a bandleader, vocalist, and songwriter. He is part of Critters Buggin and Les Claypool’s Fancy Band. He has performed with many musicians, including Ani diFranco and Galactic, Brave Combo and Marco Benevento, as well as New Orleans musicians Kevin O’Day and Johnny Vidacovich. Dillon performed with Ten Hands, a Dallas-based band. Dillon has been a leader of Billy Goat in Dallas, Malachy Papers in Kansas City, and Hairy Apes BMX(HABMX) in Austin. Dillon founded a funky project called “Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle” in 2006. It included members of Billy Goat and drummer “Go-Go” Ray Pollard as well as bassist J.J. “Jungle” Richards. From discogs

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