Mikko Pettinen

Mikko Pettinen (b. Mikko Pettinen (b. 1974) is one the most prominent young musicians in Finland’s jazz scene. Pettinen was a Sibelius Academy graduate and was named the best soloist in Getxo’s prestigious competition for groups. His band, MP4, won “unofficial European champion” in the contest (Jazz GetxoLive, Hilargi 2002). In 2004, the debut album by MP4, “Central Playa”, (Impala) was released. It was nominated to the Jazz Emma Prize and Jazzrytmit magazine’s critics chose it as jazz album of the Year. He also received the second prize at the 2001 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Competition in Reno, United States. Pettinen has been performing in many ensembles, including Son Sabroson, Electromagnetique, and because of his open-minded approach, he has also performed live alongside Jimi Tenor. He has also played on albums by other Finnish pop music artists, such as Paleface and HTBT. He is a charismatic and versatile musician who is highly sought-after in big bands. Pettinen has also played in the European Broadcasting Union Big Band as well as the Nat Newborn Big Time Orchestra. Pettinen has played in various gospel bands (f.e. Soul Connections. Soflow. Katajainen. Axl Smith, a Finnish hip-hop artist, and Pettinen were also part of the Soul Connections. Mikko Pettinen is responsible for planning and conducting UMO’s Soul Night productions. He also composes and arranges different music styles, including pop, soul, and gospel. He also teaches trumpet at Metropolia School of Arts in Helsinki and Pop Jazz Concervatory, Helsinki. from http://jazzfinland.fi

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