Milan Petrović

Milan Petrovic was birthed on September 23, 1976. He has been active in the Serbian music scene since 1993. He is a keyboard player as well as songwriter and composer. He joined the popular serbian reggae group Del Arno Band in 1995. He recorded the albums “Retrospective” and “Vreme Vode” with them and performed at almost all major festivals in Serbia and his immediate neighborhood (until August 2009). He has been a member of various blues bands, including Blue shark, Texas flood and Bootleg blues (E 75), as well as Blue family. He has been a part of Ana Stanic’s stage band since 2006. He began recording his first instrumental album (funk, blues swing, acid jazz) in November 2009. This was recorded with some of the best serbian jazz and blues musicians. “Excursion”, his first CD, was released March 2012. With the cooperation of friends, many of the best blues and jazz artists in Serbia, such as Vasil Hadzimanov and Dusan Begzuha, Wikluh Sky and Raw Hide, it was also available on CD. Milan Petrovic Quartet is one of the most active bands in the serbian instrumental scene. We play instrumental funk and blues with elements from popular music like swing, latino rock, pop, reggae, and rock. Our concept are “Excursion”, and “Dates” CD, which have been well received by Serbian and surrounding critics. We also use famous themes from various music to express our thoughts. On the Session “Serbian Soul, BRE”, Ivan Grlic’s Session, Milan Petrovic’s Quartet (MPQ), was formed in Belgrade in March 2011. The band made its debut public appearance as an integral part of the exhibit on 24 March 2011. The MPQ performed 25 times in Serbia, including at Lazarevac, Novi Sad, and Pancevo. This marked the end of the first year of existence. A special guest, who was authentically performing their musical performances, is the main feature of the performance. The band continues to release “Excursion” and promote the quartet with a concert performance. The Quartet of Milan Petrovic recorded over 50 performances in the first year. They also made more appearances on radio and television stations. There were also significant appearances at jazz festivals. All media appearances were recorded at all major Serbian media starting from the Serbian National Television RTS (there were interesting guest appearances on the most watched TV program in Serbia, “Zikina Sarenica”) and other local media such as TV Pink, Copernicus and Art. Noted performances at festivals:: * ,,Rodjendan Jazz-a”, Belgrade, * ,,Spring SM Jazz i Blues Festival”, Sremska Mitrovica, * ,,Jazztronic, Jazz i Blues Festival”, Vrsac * ,,Nisville jazz festival”, Nis * ,,Jazz

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