Miša Blam

Serbian jazz bass player, born December 15, 1947 in Belgrade. Died 19.06.2014, Belgrade. From discogs Born in Belgrade on 15 December 1947, Blam was a legendary bass player and historian for Serbian jazz. Blam, in addition to his decades-long international music career, was also a tireless researcher on jazz history among Serbs and the founder of the Jazz Museum. Blam was a composer, musician, and teacher. His historical research was documented in the book “Jazz In Serbia 1927-1944”. Blam studied upright bass and, before that, the violin and piano. Blam was a professional musician who toured the globe performing with many orchestras and music legends from all meridians, including the Belgrade Philharmonics, Berlin Rado Orchestra Herbert von Karajan, and more than 30 jazz greetings from around the world. from www.voiceofserbia.org

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