Misha (michaela Steinhauer)

Misha Steinhauer, jazz song-stylist and composer, has just released Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake. Her melodic, catchy tunes are matched by her skillful storytelling in her lyrics. This collection features everything from upbeat cookers to tender ballads. It also showcases Misha’s skills as a composer and lyricist. Although Steinhauer, a German-born musician, has been based in New York ever since 2014, her musical roots go back a long way. She sang before she could walk and had a natural ability for improvisation before she even heard the term or concept. Misha was in her twenties when she began piano lessons, joined church choirs and sang in school choirs, and founded her first band. Steinhauer almost left the music industry to go into business and HR when she was in college. But she soon switched to jazz singing as her true passion. After gigging for over a decade in Europe, Steinhauer was able to prove herself to be a versatile singer, composer and arranger. Misha moved to the U.S. in 2015 to study at Queens College. She earned her master’s in jazz studies. The vocalist has been recognized for her original songs and for her unique approach to jazz standards. Her extensive repertoire includes standards, pop hits and traditional hymns as well as 1930s-vintage German tunes. Steinhauer is known for her ability to take the familiar and make it new. Through her rediscovery of old material and subjects, her fertile musical imagination and lyrical imagination, Steinhauer gives them a new life and image. CDBaby

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